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Whether you're hauling across town or across the country, SportChassis trucks have the power you need and the safety and comfort you deserve to get the job done. Though a SportChassis resembles an 'over the road' truck, it is considered a Class 5 vehicle, requiring no special license.

Each truck features a proprietary hauler style bed designed to be just as rugged as you are. The hauler bed design is completely fabricated from scratch in our 293,000 square foot facility in Oklahoma utilizing CNC precision equipment and our team of talented men and women to create a truly remarkable and long-lasting product. SportChassis is unique among other manufacturers because SportChassis is a licensed OEM completion company. This means there is no middle-man between you and your vehicle and we’re not another cheap conversion.

We receive a bare cab-chassis directly from the Freightliner plant in Mount Holly, North Carolina. Our engineers in conjunction with Freightliner engineers ensure that our designs have been vetted to the highest safety and performance standards. No matter what you decide to pull down the road, a SportChassis makes sure you can get where you need to go. Our luxury interiors, award-winning design, and dynamic acoustical environment make sure that getting there is more than half the fun.




The Chassis

Beginning with the Freightliner M2 Business Class Chassis, adding top-notch materials and craftsmanship, and following up with outstanding customer service is what really takes a chassis to a SportChassis. Safety, security, and style all start with the foundation. Powered by the Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines, the Business Class M2 106 and 112 chassis delivers the strength and performance you need to maximize productivity day in and day out. The 55-degree wheel cut provides outstanding maneuverability in tight urban situations and provides a functional, safe and stylish way for you to take care of business.



Interior & ElectronicsIMG 6029

The chassis moves into the production process beginning with an initial inspection to ensure that any challenges are detected before the real work begins. After the complete inspection, the chassis moves into the production line where it will begin its journey to becoming a SportChassis. Moving along the assembly line through two stations, the once-bare interior emerges after twenty hours at each station as a comfortable, safe, secure, and quiet SportChassis cabin. The bed of the SportChassis is produced in parallel with the cabin, spending twenty hours at its own station before it is then ready to be attached.



IMG 0803Fabrication & Exterior

The SportChassis body sub-frame consists of .125 extruded aluminum tubing mounted to 1” X 3” solid-aluminum sleeper rails. The sub-frame is spaced and reinforced in such a manner as to maximize carrying capacity while providing a near-perfect surface for exterior skin attachment.

All body cutouts for lighting installation, jambs and doors, compartments and fender openings have no sharp edges or burrs and are cut so that edges have a machine finish. By using CNC technology, consistent tolerance of 0.004” is maintained for absolute quality and maximum redundancy. This means if your vehicle is ever damaged, any blemished aluminum part can be replaced with its exact replica.

Each SportChassis compartment is CNC-routed and break formed to ensure tight tolerances and the utmost durability. The body compartment doors are constructed using .125 aluminum skins fastened to extruded frames and mounted in counter-extruded jambs. This allows our door to be flush with the body side skin when closed. Stainless steel piano-type hinges run the full height of the door frame. Each door is gasketed with a closed-cell neoprene gasket completely encircling the door with an unbroken seal that never comes in contact with the striker pins, latches or hinges ensuring comfort and quality for years to come. All body-side skins are .125 smooth aluminum and are cut using CNC technology, then attached to the sub-frame using aircraft adhesive and break-formed cap rails. This prevents warping and inconsistencies due to welding and misalignment. To mate the skins to the framework, SportChassis features a unique jig and trolley system. This means that the tubing is always square and that the welds, inner and outer, are applied and inspected at eye level ensuring a construction and weld quality second to none.

Complete beds move to the paint shop where computer-mixed materials are applied in an acclimated paint booth by some of the best finish artists in the business. The process ensures that finishes are consistent with mil specs and hold both their adhesion and luster for years of quality service.



IMG 8965

Quality Assurance

Once paint finishes, it’s time for another full inspection and detailing and road test. The staff of experienced professionals are drawn from all areas of manufacturing process and possess the hands-on knowledge and expertise to recognize any problem or imperfection and eliminate it. Additional customization and branding finish out process and add that personal touch that concludes the journey from chassis to SportChassis.



 Customer Service

Throughout the life of the vehicle, SportChassis’ number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our Service and Warranty department work tirelessly provide routine services and answer questions about these magnificent machines.


SportChassis Brand Identity

Since SportChassis LLC’s formation in the late 1990’s, we have focused on one main objective; providing customers with the most well-built, comfortable, and high performing medium-duty pickup truck that is available on the market. We at SportChassis have taken a product that traditionally rides like it's portrayed, rough and rugged, and evolved it into a first class luxury work machine. We are not just another truck company, we are the truck company.  SportChassis prides itself in being an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) completion company, not a conversion company that alters an existing truck to try to make it more functional. Our trucks are engineered and manufactured in house from the chassis up in order to fit the specifications and needs of the most demanding situations.  Every customer need to truly understand and personally experience the benefits of owning a SportChassis truck compared to the any other “super duty”. We believe that whoever the customer is or whatever their use for a medium duty truck, a SportChassis rather than any other, is without a doubt the best financial, business, and leisure related decision they will ever make.  This can only be made possible if we also make the promise to provide the best customer service in the industry.  Every customer must feel as is if they are the most important person and that the dealers and SportChassis representatives are there to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise, before, during, and after the sale has been completed.



Chassis2HaulerThe SportChassis Promise

SportChassis promises its customers, followers and owners a type of satisfaction with the product that cannot be matched by any other premier truck line in the world.  A brand promise is an articulation of what a company promises to its target market—something that the customers view as the best value. It comes from the company’s mission and vision but focuses specifically on how that mission relates to the individuals it wishes to reach directly.  To communicate SportChassis distinctive strengths to key and new customers, our company has developed a brand promise that guarantees satisfaction, commitment and drive to continually improve to our most important audiences.  SportChassis deliberately maintains a learning environment driven by customers, employees and competition to constantly stay ahead of the curve. Along with the drive and desire to be the best, this is the character of the SportChassis brand promise.



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