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SportChassis LLC 737 SS Front Corner

    Our company was founded in 1994 to manufacture ambulances and rescue vehicles on a variety of chassis. Our sole manufacturing facility, a 306,000 square foot building, is located in Clinton, Oklahoma.   In 1996, we began manufacturing a line of recreational towing vehicles designed to safely tow the larger RV and horse trailers that had grown in weight requiring a safer towing alternative. The Freightliner Corporation purchased a controlling interest in the company in August 1998, renamed the company Freightliner Specialty Vehicles, Inc., and the company remained in the Freightliner family of companies until 2006 when we were “spun off” and again became a privately owned company. Manufacturing of ambulances and rescue vehicles continued until the fall of 2002 when Freightliner sold their emergency vehicle manufacturing operations. Our employment fell from 218 employees in July, 2002, to 32 employees by the end of that year. Our sole focus since the cessation of emergency vehicle manufacturing has been the recreational towing vehicle that is known as the SportChassis.

     The company leadership realized that in order for the company to remain healthy and viable it needed to expand its dealer body from the traditional Freightliner dealers to include additional dealers who would focus on the SportChassis product line in the vocational markets, i.e. recreational vehicles, horse trailers, enthusiasts' market, exotic car dealers, etc. The company grew its dealership body to approximately 35 dealers by the middle of 2008 when the economic climate in this country foundered and the financial industry crisis ensued. The founder of the company who had repurchased it in the entirety when Freightliner spun us off was tragically killed in an accident in mid-2009 and the company’s assets were purchased by its chief financial officer in September, 2009, and the company name was changed to SportChassis LLC to more pointedly focus the name to the product brand that the company sold.   By the end of 2009 there remained only three viable dealers of the SportChassis product and a rebuilding program was underway.

 RHA114-350 White 14    In May 2010, the company became employee owned when the existing shareholder created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) whereby the employees of the company could directly benefit by direct ownership of the company. All the employees are now owners of the company and over time will end up owning one hundred percent of its shares. This gives each employee additional incentives for efficiency and promoting profitability since every employee will directly participate in the success of the company going forward.

     The last fourteen years have been a real adventure. They really have. The company’s employees had the opportunity, and it really was an opportunity, to live inside a huge international corporate structure. SportChassis learned a lot as part of that corporate structure, but maintains the small company attentiveness to its customers, nimbleness to react to continuing, fast changes, and to continue to produce the most sought-after heavy-duty pickup manufactured on the planet. The changes witnessed, both in the business world as well as the products manufactured, place us poised to succeed over the long haul.

     Today SportChassis is a viable, relentless company supplying the recreational user with the most technologically advanced vehicle of its type in the world. Manufactured in Clinton, Oklahoma, with a competent and committed dealer network throughout the United States and Canada, the company provides unparalleled original equipment manufacturer products to a wide variety of customers not only in the United States and Canada but throughout the world. New product developments and innovations are the forte of this small, employee owned company, bolstered by continued dealer development and a can-do attitude, means the future is bright for the owners of SportChassis LLC.

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SportChassis LLC | 2300 South 13th Street | Clinton, Oklahoma 73601
580-323-4100 Office | 580-323-4111 Fax