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Powertrain Options

     When you are choosing which SportChassis is right for you there are two options for the engine, Power and More Power.  First you haveCummins ISC 8 3L label the Cummins ISL9 350HP, which puts out 1050 lb/ft of torque.  This engine mount sits on a class 5 chassis.  Then you have our big block, the optional Detroit Diesel DD13, a 450HP engine producing 1650 lb/ft of pure torque.  All 450hp models are outfitted on a larger class 7 chassis which is equiped with air brakes, which may require a CDL drivers license.

     All SportChassis models feature a common-rail fuel delivery system and Cool Side EGR.  With a Variable Geometry (VG) turbocharger it provides an additional 133 BHP at 2200 RPM.  Every SportChassis model is driven by an Allison TRV push button transmission that operates with ease.  The RHA-350 uses the Allison TRV 3200 while the RHA-450 uses the beefier Allison TRV 4000, bothDetroitDiesel DD13 label designed to get the most use out of your truck owning experience.  Speak with your salesperson about which configuration is right for you; or, give us a call here at the factory and let us steer you in the right direction!






Productivity leads to profitability. Whether you’re on the road or at a job site, it’sDetroitDiesel DD13 label important to operate vehicles that perform efficiently and reliably. That’s precisely why Detroit builds the versatile DD13 engine with BlueTec® emissions technology.  Detroit engineers know what works, and what doesn’t. That’s why the DD13 follows the common base engine design of its successful big brother, the DD15® engine. This engine is everything you need and nothing you don’t. In a time when economy means everything, the DD13 makes perfect sense.  The fuel-efficient design makes the most of every gallon with an Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS™) that optimizes each injection event to minimize fuel consumption. Available exclusively in Detroit engines, ACRS works in unison with our DDEC® electronic engine controls to deliver the exact amount of fuel you need at the right moment, creating an optimal combustion event. All that work fine-tuning combustion means lower emissions, less engine noise and vibration, and less wasted time stopping at the pump. Everything, right down to the advanced cooling system that decreases fan on-time, was designed to minimize fuel consumption.

An extremely wide and flat torque curve maintains the power to keep the driver’s foot off the clutch and hands on the wheel for less shifting and fatigue.

With the DD13, drivers also will get a wider sweet spot that makes it easier to cruise along in the fuel-saving range. So, whether you’re navigating traffic or maneuvering through a construction site, the DD13 delivers great fuel economy. A three-stage integrated Jacobs® engine brake gives you more stopping power and quieter engine braking than ever before. And, thanks to its exceptional braking power, the Jake Brake also extends the service brake life. TORQUE RESPONSE IS THE KEY TO PERFORMANCE. THIS ENGINE WILL HAUL, CLIMB, PULL, MIX and DUMP WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT. The DD13 design is based on a sturdy rear gear train and ribbed cast iron block to minimize noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

The robust design provides a B50 life of one million miles, and, the waste gated, asymmetrical turbocharger has fewer moving parts than a VGT design, which improves performance, and reliability. The turbocharger also applies constant back-pressure to efficiently enable the EGR system, all of which add up to a dependable engine that gets drivers where they need to go, and makes work seem a little less like work. The DD13 also offers rear-engine power take-off as an option for certain applications, and, if all that isn’t enough, DDEC provides a complete offering of engine and driver performance reports to help you maximize the advantages of the DD13.


  • Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
  • Displacement 781 cu. in. (12.8 L)
  • Compression Ratio 17.3:1
  • Bore 5.20 in. (132 mm)
  • Stroke 6.15 in. (156 mm)
  • Weight (Dry) 2540 lb. (1152 kg)
  • Electronics DDEC®
  • Oil Capacity 42 qt. (39.7 L)
  • Horsepower Range 350-470
  • Torque Range 1250-1650
  • Rear-Engine Power Take-Off Optional

ISL9. Power To Tow, Power To Go.

great track record of proven performance continues to improve with Cummins ISC 8 3L labelCummins ISL9. The ISL9 continues to have the highest power density of any engine in its class. So, whether you’re pulling a loaded dump truck out of the mud or a beverage truck across town, you’ve got the power to get the job done. The ISL9 features common technology with the Heavy-Duty ISX15 and ISX12, including the XPI fuel system, a high-capacity Electronic Control Module (ECM) and the patented Cummins

  • VGT™ Turbocharger from Cummins Turbo
  • ISL9 Maintenance Intervals
  • Maintenance Item Miles/Kilometers Months
  • Oil and Filter 20,000 mi/32,000 km 12
  • Fuel Filter 20,000 mi/32,000 km 12
  • Coolant Filter 15,000 mi/24,000 km 6
  • Standard Coolant Change 80,000 mi/128,000 km 24
  • Overhead Adjustment 150,000 mi/240,000 km 48
  • Coalescing Filter Every 3rd to 4th oil change
  • Def Filter 200,000 mi/320,000 km
  • Particulate Filter Cleaning 200,000 mi/320,000 km


Every Benefit. Clear.

The Cummins Aftertreatment System has been proven for years and thoroughly tested under the most extreme conditions. This proven system consists of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and a dosing system for the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Designing and building the package in-house allows Cummins to calibrate the engine and aftertreatment system for optimum fuel economy, performance and near-zero emissions. 


Expanded Ratings.

The power range has been expanded, as the ISL9 adds ratings previously offered in the ISC8.3 from 260 hp to 380 hp (194-283 kW). Optional features include engine braking for better control, Rear Engine Power Take-Off (REPTO) and Front Engine Power Take-Off (FEPTO). Maintenance intervals remain unchanged. The ISL9 is one of the major reasons that Cummins engines are an industry favorite in medium-duty and vocational trucks, including dump trucks, mixers and refuse haulers. The ISL9 delivers better. Every truck.